When a battery fails and communication is lost, it impacts your organisation - from serving customers to responding to an emergency. Yet monitoring and maintaining the status of a large fleet of batteries can eat up time and money and beat up operational efficiency.

IMPRES Battery Fleet Management saves you the guesswork, complexity and costs of managing hundreds or thousands of Motorola MOTOTRBO radio batteries and chargers wherever they are located. Because Battery Fleet Management reduces this time-consuming task to minutes, you can monitor batteries easily and effectively and your people can work safely and productively.

Only IMPRES Battery Management provides the most accurate information on each battery in your fleet so you know they're fully charged and will last the entire shift. IMPRES software automatically collects battery-critical data including capacity, charge and recondition history, and put-in-service dates. Because IMPRES batteries can be charged 150 times more than standard batteries, you stock fewer spares and replace fewer batteries.


IMPRES Battery Fleet Management delivers battery-critical information.

  • Tells you when batteries are near end-of-life so you can purchase replacement batteries as needed
  • Reduces the cost of maintaining a spare battery inventory
  • Determines if batteries are meeting your performance criteria
  • Helps ensure users have enough capacity, preventing unnecessary battery purchases
  • Flags potential problems including batteries that can no longer hold a minimum charge
  • Identifies batteries that are missing, misplaced or inactive
  • Confirms chargers are appropriately distributed throughout your organisation

Giving employees healthy, long-lasting batteries that work throughout a long work shift not only helps increase productivity, but their confidence and safety too.

Cut Costs While You Increase Efficiency & Productivity

With IMPRES Battery Fleet Management, you can make the most from your existing fleet and avoid buying more spare batteries than you need. It eliminates the guesswork that leads to uninformed or excessive purchases. And is a business-critical tool that provides battery data that is current, accurate and comprehensive.

Because IMPRES Battery Fleet Management gives you the data you need on battery health, you can avoid relying on a calendar date or worker complaints to replace batteries, stop throwing away batteries prematurely, and set parameters that alert radio users when to replace batteries.

If you’re responsible for managing a medium to large fleet of IMPRES two-way radio batteries, now you can significantly cut costs and dramatically improve your productivity by automating purchase reports, identifying problems quickly, categorising exact battery capacity needs for every employee and optimising charger use.

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A radio is only as good as the battery that powers it. So when a battery fails and communication is lost, it impacts every aspect of your organisation from serving customers to saving lives. This is where Impres Battery Management helps.


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