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Hytera PDC760

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Hytera PDC760
Hytera PDC760 Hytera PDC760

Product Description

The first PMR product to offer a truly convergent platform for critical communications via both DMR and LTE networks, the PDC760 is the complete device for the most demanding requirements. Powered by Hytera’s very own Android operating system, this device covers all bases by consolidating a powerful DMR hand-portable, a ruggedised smartphone, a mission-critical positioning tracking tool, and a third-party application hosting device into one quality, ergonomic handset.

A clever dual display, fronted with a rugged touch screen allows the user to quickly manage both narrowband and broadband communications.

Unified experience

Supporting multiple modes of communication and rich applications, all in one handset, use it as as radio or a smartphone.

Supplied With

  • Standard antenna
  • Li-Ion battery
  • Single charger
  • Leather strap
  • Belt clip

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