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WCCTV Record Body Worn Camera

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WCCTV Body Worn Camera WCCTV Body Worn Camera WCCTV Body Worn Camera WCCTV Body Worn Camera
WCCTV Body Worn Camera WCCTV Body Worn Camera WCCTV Body Worn Camera WCCTV Body Worn Camera WCCTV Body Worn Camera

Product Description

The Record Body Worn Camera captures video, audio and pictures on the move. Designed and manufactured in the UK to meet and exceed recommended standards for Body Worn Cameras, it boasts a wide range of market-leading functionality.


  • UK manufactured market-leading body worn camera
  • Up to 1080p playback at up to 30fps
  • In-built Wi-Fi for transmission and wireless downloading
  • GPS location information
  • 2.8” front-facing display
  • 125° horizontal x 78° vertical field of view 
  • Local recording up to 128GB providing 90 hours recording
  • Durable housing - IP65 rated
  • 120 second pre-event recording buffer
  • Evidence Management Software for total case management
  • Footage metadata contains date, time, location, device and user details for evidential usage
  • 7-17 hour operation
  • Multiple accessories to support deployment
  • Live transmission version available


WCCTV's body cameras can be provided as part of a complete solution when used in conjunction with the Evidence Management Software (EMS).

EMS can be provided either cloud-based, local install or as a hybrid solution, and provided users with a digitally secure total case management solution - allowing the searching, storing and sharing of video files securely and easily.

  • Scalable Platform: Cloud-based, Hybrid or Standalone Install
  • Easy to Use: responsive and intuitive design
  • Secure: Transfer and store your AES encrypted data
  • Password protected: Only authorised users can access
  • Role based: Set designated administration levels and user access rights
  • Manage your files: Organise and search for your files using detailed metadata
  • Share: Collaborate on cases by securely sharing case files
  • Data Protection: Files are deleted after 30 days (configurable) unless required for ongoing case
  • Evidential usage: Provides full audit trail so your files are evidentially sound

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