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Entel DT985 Ex ATEX

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Entel DT985 Ex ATEX Entel DT985 Ex ATEX
Entel DT985 Ex ATEX Entel DT985 Ex ATEX Entel DT985 Ex ATEX

Product Description

The ultra durable DTEx series is the latest addition to our range of Intrinsically Safe radios. The rugged DTEx delivers exceptionally loud audio coupled with outstanding audio clarity, plus the ergonomic controls are specifically designed for gloved hand use.

By combining the latest DMR digital technology and highest ATEX gas group ratings*, the DTEx series delivers best in class range, safety and reliability. Exceeding MIL-STD-810 and a market leading IP68 rating (2-meters 4-hours) the fully submersible DTEx can be depended on to withstand the most extreme and hostile of environments.

Intrinsically Safe

ATEX Approved IIC - The DT900 series of ATEX certi?ed portables meet IIC T4 - the most stringent ATEX ratings as per EU Directive 94/9/EC.
ATEX Approved IIA - For users not restricted to the IIC 1 watt regulatory classi?cation, the DT800 series of ATEX certi?ed portables meet IIA T4 with 4 watts of transmitter power.
IECEx Approval - The DT500 series of Intrinsically Safe certi?ed portables are suitable for users outside Europe who do not need to comply with the European ATEX standard.

Supplied With

  • Antenna
  • Standard Battery
  • Handstrap
  • Charging Option (if selected)
  • Belt Clip

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