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Band / Antenna
UHF (Ultra High Frequency) If you are planning to use your radio equipment indoors, or inside and out then we recommend you choose UHF. UHF frequencies can penetrate easier through metal, concrete and brick structures than VHF making it a better option if you are working in this type of environment.

VHF (Very high frequency) If you are planning to use your radio equipment outdoors in an area without many obstructions, such as buildings, than we recommend you choose VHF. Due to it lower frequency, VHF can travel further outdoors than UHF.

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Battery Type
Charger Type
Simple Site Light: This licence authorises the use of a radio system operating a base station and mobile stations within a small area (typically 1 kilometre or less). Frequencies available under this licence class are typically used for radio paging systems. Licensees have access to a range of frequencies and must self-coordinate with other Simple Site Light licensees. The licence fee is £75 for five years.

Simple UK Light: This licence authorises the use of hand-portable or mobile radio equipment anywhere within the UK. Base station use is not permitted. Licensees have access to fifteen frequencies spread across four Business Radio frequency bands and must self-coordinate with other Simple UK Light licensees. The licence fee is £75 for five years.

Discover more about radio licensing and the other options available here.
Hytera PD405 Hytera PD405
Hytera PD405 Hytera PD405 Hytera PD405

Product Description

The Hytera PD405 two way radio is a small, sleek and rugged professional communications solution.

Features such as Voice-operated Transmit (VOX) allow users to trigger the voice transmission by voice directly. Additionally, the Hytera PD405's dual mode technology means businesses can make a smooth migration from analogue to digital.

The PD405 is popular in construction, security, factory and warehouse environments among others.

Hytera PD405 Highlights

  • Compact Design: Only 112 x 54 x 28mm
  • Long Battery Life Of Approx. 16 Hours In Digital
  • 32 Channel Capacity
  • Lightweight: Only 270g
  • Excellent Audio Performance
  • Private Call, Group Call & All Call
  • Easy Operation
  • Pre-Programmable Text Message
  • IP55 Dust & Water Protection Rating
  • Dual Mode: Works In Either Digital Or Analogue
  • DMRA Direct Mode TDMA Supports Two Voice Calls Simultaneously
  • Voice-Operated Transmit (VOX)
  • MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G Standards
  • Flexible Range Of Accessories

Supplied With

  • Antenna
  • Standard Battery
  • Handstrap
  • Charging Option (if selected)
  • Belt Clip

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