Small Motorola Radios For Hospitality

Date Added 31.05.17

Security personnel rely on achieving instant communication at all periods throughout the day to handle any situation which may arrive. Real or potential threats like intruders, suspect packages or fire alarms mean fast and clear communication is a must.

Security staff need to coordinate their responses to threats across large areas and into the more remote places within large buildings.

Motorola's enhanced range of next generation radios offer:

  • Intelligent audio - adjusts volume automatically in line with fluctuating background noise
  • Indoor and outdoor location tracking - finds people quickly
  • Integrated accelerometer - detects movements and issues alerts if the staff member appears to have fallen or be motionless
  • Improved battery life - keep communicating for longer
  • Higher power - increased from 2W to 3W
  • Job ticketing - improve worker efficiency

Discover more by going to our Motorola SL4000e product page.