3 Reasons You Should Migrate from PMR to Multi-Mode Radio

Date Added 20.07.21

The past few years have seen a booming trend of multimedia services, which wrinkles the good old PMR radios. In fact, since the birth of it, PMR radio has been perfectly serving the communication needs of multiple industries, not to mention its independence from broadband network makes it an ideal choice for production activities in rural areas and underground. If you are having a hard time deciding whether to migrate from PMR radio to LTE radio, did you know that there is a third choice?

The multi-mode radio could be what you have been looking for all the time.

The multi-mode radio is a hybrid solution that converges PMR and LTE technologies. Like any other hybrids, it’s endowed with the merits of both parents.

Data Services

Based on Android platform, the multi-mode radio empowers users to access to multiple data services just like smartphones. The radio also supports advanced APP management and control as well as data encryption to prevent data leakage and other security issues.

Broader Coverage

In both developing and developed countries, governments and MNOs are investing heavily on the deployment of broadband network. Since legacy PMR networks do not guarantee 100% coverage at indoors, basements, tunnels, mountains and in other areas where the growing broadband network can easily access there is an increasing need for people to access to both PMR network and broadband network.

To meet this need, some of them carry 2 devices at a time which is cumbersome in mission-critical cases. Multi-mode radio offers people both network options in a single device. 


During catastrophic events first responders need to have a unified platform to stay connected. However, with PMR radios, the subscriber device being used by different government agencies are often diversified in terms of frequency band, protocol and and manufacturer.

This diversity results in very poor interoperability among the radio systems of those agencies. And this very problem stands for the fatal reason behind the death of many first responders in aftermath rescue operations of 2 catastrophic events: the 9-1-1 World Trade Center terrorist attack, and the Sewol Ferry Sinking Disaster.

It was not until these disasters that interoperability was elevated from a long-standing concern to a critical national priority, which is one of the major reasons why multi-mode radio was invented.

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