Hiring vs buying digital two-way radio. Which is best?

Date Added 14.08.19

So you've decided to invest in a new communication network for your business and after some research have come to the conclusion that digital two-way radios are the right way to go.

In the past the next logical step would be to get a quote for the number of devices you want, make sure this fits within the capital budget you've allocated, and then make the purchase - all with the little voice in the back of your head wondering if you've made the right decision.

This idea of buying equipment outright has become somewhat outdated in today's business world and the desire to own the things we use for business on a daily basis has become far less important.

Today, hiring equipment is becoming more popular and when it comes to digital two-way radios, hiring rather than buying the devices could be just the way to go for your company.

But what are the benefits of leasing this equipment rather than making the purchase outright?

Remove the capital costs

One of the biggest causes for concern among businesses looking to invest in equipment or technology is the need to commit large capital costs into the investment. Putting this level of investment down on a single purchase can put businesses' finances under strain, especially in the short term.

For other businesses - like those based around short term events - there is simply no sense in making this kind of investment when the equipment will be sitting idle for months at a time.

In these cases, hiring the equipment and removing the initial capital expenditure makes far more sense.

On-going support

Another concern when buying equipment outright is that once you have handed over your money you are essentially left to fend for yourself when it comes to figuring out how to use the devices you have bought.

This includes issues with ongoing maintenance of the equipment.

Hiring your business' two-way digital radios however means you also enter a partnership with your supplier and can rely on the on-going support and regular maintenance if and when you need it.

This could be as simple as providing training on how to get the most out of your new devices

  • rather than taking hours of your time reading manuals and then trying to train staff yourself
  • or getting help arranging Ofcom licences for your radio network

Upgrades and improvements

Anyone who has ever bought a mobile phone contract knows the annoyance of choosing a handset and then seeing an upgraded version hit the shelves a few months - or weeks - later. Now you have to wait until the end of your contract to upgrade.

In a business scenario this just means your business is caught in an endless cycle of using out-of-date technology and equipment and means you are never meeting the cost savings or productivity gains you could be.

To avoid this, the answer could be to hire your communications devices which means you also get access to the latest technology upgrades as and when they happen; ensuring you are always benefitting from the most up-to-date devices and technology available to you.

Best fit for your business

When it comes to establishing a robust, secure and reliable communications network within your business, the only question that still remains is whether you should make the capital investment to buy your digital two-way radios, or go down the route of hiring them.

By removing the initial capital costs, you can free your finances up and enable investment elsewhere if needed. The predictable nature of the monthly costs - which do not fluctuate like those related to mobile phone contracts - also allow for better and more reliable financial planning around your two-way radio investment.

Ultimately the decision on whether to buy or hire your digital two-way radio network lies with you and depends on the on-going requirements of the network and your ability to meet the capital expenditure - or not.

If you're not sure whether hiring digital two-way radios is the right thing for your business, click here for more information

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