3 steps for safer manufacturing

Date Added 02.08.21

Manufacturing is one of the most dangerous industries to work in, so for any factory or plant, safety will always be top priority.

Safeguarding employees while ensuring productive operations requires fast, reliable communications between every individual and department. But when it comes to mission-critical comms, what are the key areas to focus on?

Equip your team

Your workers must be able to communicate with you at all times and other staff members, no matter what the environment or noise levels. Digital two-way radios use intelligent audio features to provide exceptional quality by rejecting surrounding sounds and automatically adjusting the volume so transmissions come through loud and clear — no matter how noisy the workplace.

The radios even come with added solutions such as Lone Worker Protection, which sends alerts if a worker has not checked in, and Man Down Protection, which detects if a user is incapacitated and sends alarms to a control point.

More specialist sites, such as oil rigs, constructions sites or military uses, demand even greater functionality to operate in harsher environments. Robust ATEX two-way radios incorporate additional applications, including gas protection and extended audio for complete assurance.

Improve efficiency

Manufacturing involves complex logistics, and you need to have an accurate overview of personnel activity and where staff can be found.

Indoor positioning locates and tracks radio users in real time, which is vital for remote monitoring. Not only does positioning provide communication links between dispatchers and radios for efficient job assignment, but it also allows you to locate anyone near a hazardous area or identify where a worker has been involved in an accident.

Outdoor GPS Tracking means positioning isn’t limited to inside buildings. The GPS network in two-way radios means you can gain information on exact locations of employees, as well as vehicles and assets, for real-time security and safety.

In conjunction with positioning features, our Control Room Solutions enable dispatchers to receive alerts, verify worker locations, and assess CCTV footage for fast action in the event of an emergency. Our Control Room Solutions also support Fleet Management through voice calls, text messaging, job ticketing and location tracking, helping to optimise response times, improving operational efficiencies.

But it’s not always people you need to monitor. When your machines go down you need to know as soon as possible in order to minimise downtime and protect your supply chain. After all, you’ve got production deadlines to meet. The SMC Gateway connects two-way radio solutions with other systems and triggers an alert when there is a machine failure on the production line. This allows the supervisor to contact the Maintenance team and communicate swiftly with the plant manager, while notifying other departments of a production delay.

Secure your building

Manufacturing facilities face multiple challenges, from monitoring multiple points of entry and overseeing workers, to managing vast amounts of equipment, so it is important to maintain a strong situational awareness.

Our Fire Alarm Integration solution connects radio systems with any data source, such as Building Managements Systems, Fire or Intruder Alarms, fuel and power supply systems, and Process Control Systems.

For example, in the event of a fire, staff are automatically alerted on their radios via text, email or voice, enabling them to act quickly.

In any situation, the more information you have, the better. CCTV Systems provide video surveillance that captures activity so you can see exactly what is happening in your facility. From cameras that help you to visualise a situation, to door readers that only allow authorised personnel into a defined area, with these facilities, you can be confident that your plant is secure.

At Resound, we have been working with companies from across the manufacturing sector to provide efficient, effective communication products and solutions that connect teams, empower management and improve operational processes. By ensuring that you and your workers get the right information at the right time, you can focus on getting the job done.

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