A radio is only as good as the battery that powers it. So when a battery fails and communication is lost, it impacts every aspect of your organisation from serving customers to saving lives. But monitoring and maintaining the status of a large fleet of batteries can be time-consuming, inefficient and potentially overwhelming.

That's why Motorola have created a proprietary IMPRES Battery Fleet Management technology. It saves you the guesswork, complexity and costs of managing hundreds even thousands of radio batteries and chargers wherever they're located, and makes it easier for your employees to do their work safely and successfully.

How does it work?

Motorola's IMPRES Battery Fleet Management software automatically collects critical data from IMPRES batteries when they are inserted into an IMPRES charger including battery age, capacity, charge and recondition history, the dates manufactured and put into service. This software analyzes battery data and tells you how "healthy" a battery is and when it needs to be changed, so you can quickly and efficiently determine when to remove a poor-performing battery, purchase a new one or redeploy it to less demanding users, and even identify missing batteries.

Key Features

  • Tells you when batteries are near end-of-life so you can purchase replacement batteries as needed
  • Reduces the cost of maintaining a spare battery inventory
  • Determines if batteries are meeting your performance criteria
  • Helps ensure user have enough capacity, preventing unnecessary battery purchases
  • Flags potential problems including batteries that can no longer hold a minimum charge
  • Identifies batteries that are missing, misplaced or inactive
  • Confirms chargers are appropriately distributed throughout your organisation.

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Motorola IMPRES Battery Fleet Management Software Motorola IMPRES Battery Fleet Management Software


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