Man-Down Protection enables radios significantly improve worker safety by providing a continual point of contact between users and a control point.

The radios are able to detect if a user falls or becomes incapacitated. An audible warning then sounds to alert the user and if this is not acknowledged with a predetermined period of time, an alarm is transmitted to a control point. This notification can be escalated to a manager or supervisor either onsite using the radio system or offsite using cellular or similar public systems.

Man-Down Protection Overview

  • Handsets can incorporate a tilt-switch that senses changes from vertical to horizontal
  • An accelerometer can be incorporated which will detect loss of movement
  • Alerts are sent to control points identifying the individual user ID
  • Can be used in conjunction with location functionality to precisely identify handset ID and location
  • This facility can be provided in both analogue and digital mobile radio systems

If you require further details on how this solution can be used within your organisation, please contact us.


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