Increase the safety of your business, and your community. Resound have vast experience in setting up and managing radio communication systems for Shop Watch partnerships, where local authorities and businesses work together to help reduce retail crime and antisocial behavour.

Benefits Of A Shop Watch Scheme

  • Communicate instantly with other radio link group members using the latest Digital portable radios
  • The early notification of an incident can often help avoid a serious emergency developing
  • Rapidly shared information allows the management to be effectively forewarned of a potential risk of problem
  • Businesses, which are equipped in this way, are known to be a harder target for the 'career offender'
  • The system encourages a 'team approach' to crime reduction that can be very effective
  • It stimulates key organisations to work together with a common purpose
  • Lone worker security
  • Real time situation information
  • It demonstrated a highly visible commitment to assist the local police in their duties
  • Members will feel safe and more comfortable in their place of business
  • It can reduce crime and the fear of crime as the scheme membership increases

See how we help WH Smith stores manage their Radio Link.

If you would like to discuss a new or existing Shop Watch scheme in your area, please give us a call on 0333 121 2000 or email