Two Way Radio Text-to-Speech

Date Added 20.01.15

Your MOTOTRBO Motorola radio can now read text out loud: channels, zones, functions, messages and work order tickets. So you don’t need to stop working to take important messages.


  • This feature is an add-on to voice announcement. It removed the dependency on pre-recorded voice announcement files by installing speech synthesis software on the radio itself. Channel names, zones, programmable button functions, text messages and work order tickets are all read out loud to you.
  • You can define a custom dictionary to ensure accurate readout of the abbreviations and industry specific terminology, and choose from several different voices and many different languages.
  • Programmable buttons can be configured to 1) turn the feature on and off 2) repeat the last announcement.

Compatible Products

Motorola SL4000, DP3441, DP4000 Series, DP4800 EX & DM4000 Series