Two Way Radio Etiquette

Date Added 22.01.19

Are you new to two way radio communications?

This simple guide can be used to save time and help avoid confusion during transmissions. It is necessary that users understand their meaning and become familiar with their use.

Standard Two Way Radio Expressions

Expression Meaning
Affirmative Yes
Negative No
Go Ahead Pass your message now
Over My transmission is finished please reply
Received Message received and understood
Say again Message acknowledged but I am unable to reply or deal with it at this time
Out Transmission finished

Remember: Be accurate, brief and clear.

Phonetic Alphabet

A - Alpha H - Hotel O - Oscar V - Victor
B - Bravo I - India P - Papa W - Whisky
C - Charlie J - Juliet Q - Quebec X - Xray
D - Delta K - Kilo R - Romeo Y - Yankee
E - Echo L - Lima S - Sierra Z - Zulu
F - Foxtrot M - Mike T - Tango  
G - Golf N - November U - Uniform  

Do's and Don'ts

Do hold down your press to talk switch for one or two seconds before you start speaking
Do hold the radio 2-3 centimetres away from your mouth to obtain best results
Do speak clearly in your normal voice (no need to shout)
Do keep messages as short as possible
Do keep the radio on your person at all time
Do make sure the radio is properly charged overnight

Do not swear over the air
Do not enter in trivial chit chat
Do not make any inappropriate remarks - you never know who might be listening
Do not allow any unauthorised persons to operate the radio