St. George's Shopping Centre

Date Added 13.09.19

St. George’s Shopping Centre is a 220,000 sq ft centre and high street built over four levels with a combination of retail and leisure services; including both open mall areas as well as enclosed service corridors, a loading bay and external areas along with a two-storey 640 space car park.

With multiple teams from Centre Management to Cleaning and Security, servicing thousands of shoppers a week, reliable and instantaneous communication between teams is a vital component of the centre’s operation, especially in the event of an emergency.

The Challenge

St. George’s Shopping Centre contacted Resound as it was considering the upgrading of the existing analogue two-way radio system to digital which could help boost productivity by improving communication between members of staff.

They were also eager to understand how a better communication network could help to improve the levels of Health,Safety and Security for staff within the centre.

Of particular concern was the safety of staff when entering several remote areas within the building, especially within the service corridors, loading bay and when working at a distance from the perimeter of the centre.

Within these areas, with visibility not at optimal levels, there were some concerns that any staff who were injured or needed assistance would not be able to communicate with other team members or raise an alarm.

Due to the size of the site and the nature of the complex – built over several floors – it was essential that any solution was able to deliver high performance and effective communication across a large area and allow for centre-wide and team-to-team communication for at least 26 members of staff.

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