New Smart Battery Charger for the DP4000e Series

Date Added 04.05.21

We're delighted to introduce the NEW Value Range AXMUDP4UK intelligent 6 way-charger, compatible with the Motorola DP4000 series, DP2000 series and the legacy DP3600 & DP3400 series.

Key Features

  • It’s smartwill analyse the condition of each battery and charge it accordingly, automatically stopping when charging is complete. This protects the battery from being overcharged, maintaining its health and longevity.
  • AffordableThe charger is positioned as a high quality, cost-effective alternative to the branded equivalent.
  • LED charging indicator - Gives the operator clear information on the battery charging progress.
  • High CompatibilityThe unit will charge both NiMH & Li-ion batteries.
  • Flexible - The unit is free-standing or can be wall-mounted.
  • Chemistry - can charge both Ni-MH and Lithium-Ion batteries
  • Plug - EU and UK options available

The AXMUDP4UK is a value alternative to the Motorola PMPN4290 six way charger for the following handportables:

  • DP4400, DP4600, DP4800 and models ending 01 and E.
  • DP2400 and DP2600 and models ending E.
  • Legacy DP3400 and DP3600

If you would like further details, please contact us on 0333 121 2000 or email us at