New Premium Software Features on Motorola Radios

Date Added 30.01.20

As a result of customer feedback, Motorola Solutions have made important enhancements to selected MOTOTRBO devices.

Different users in your organisation have different needs and work environments. With access to all these premium software features now included as standard, you can maximise your communications to enhance workforce safety, improve audio quality and improve staff productivity.

Take a look below at the features now included.


Safety & Security Audio Efficiency & Productivity Connectivity
Man Down Noise Cancellation Indoor Location Wi-Fi Connectivity
Enhanced Privacy Mute Mode Text to Speech Bluetooth Perm Discoverable
Transmit Interrupt Received Audio Levelling Multi-Button PTT  
Radio Disable      
Transmit Inhibit      
Response Inhibit      


MOTOTRBO Handportables Affected

  • Motorola DP2000e Series
  • Motorola DP3000e Series
  • Motorola DP4000e Series
  • Motorola DP4000 Ex Series
  • Motorola SL4000e Series
  • Motorola DM4000e Series

Providing premium software features as standard enhanced performance, but also reduces the complexity of managing your radios. With no licenses to purchase, renew or track, programming is quicker and easier and features can be enabled as required as business needs change.

These enhancements have resulted in new pricing from Motorola Solutions effective as of 18th November 2019.

If you would like further details, please contact our support team on 0333 121 2000.