Motorola Next Generation Radios Launched

Date Added 11.05.16

Resound are pleased to announce the launch of the new Motorola MOTOTRBO Next Generation two-way radios.

These Motorola radios are packed full of new features, enhancements and improvements to ensure workers are safe, more efficient and more productive.


Main Features

  • Indoor location tracking using integrated Bluetooth 4.0

  • Multi-constellation GNSS uses GPS & Glonass for improved accuracy & reliability

  • Integrated accelerometer for Man Down protection

  • Integrated HazLoc portfolio - UL TIA4950-certified DP2000e and DP4000e option

  • Integrated Wi-Fi for remote firmware updates

  • Clearer audio thanks to redesigned audio amplifier

  • Up to 8% longer range due to improved receiver sensitivity

  • Higher power on SL4000e - increased to 3W

  • Extended battery life of up to 29 hours from innovative low voltage battery technology

  • Improved durability with higher IP ratings for DP4000e, DP3441e and DP2000e

  • Silent alert with new vibrating belt clip option for DP4000e and DP2000e

Please note: Indoor location tracking, integrated Wifi & Man Down are optional chargeable features. See brochure below for full details.

New Next Generation Models

  • Motorola DP2400e - View
  • Motorola DP2600e - View
  • Motorola DP3441e - View
  • Motorola DP4400e / DP4401e (GPS model) - View
  • Motorola DP4600e / DP4601e (GPS model) - View
  • Motorola DP4800e /DP4801e (GPS model) - View
  • Motorola SL4000e / SL4010e (GPS model) - View

View Motorola Next Generation Brochure

To enquire about price and availability please contact us on 0333 121 2000 or email to speak to a member of our support team.