9 Top Tips to Help You Improve Your Staff Communications

Date Added 22.01.19

Two way radios enable your staff to speak to or message each other wherever they are in your buildings or around your grounds. You can't always achieve that with a landline or mobile phone.

Then there's the extras with radio communications such as job ticket management, people and vehicle tracking, remote control of items such as access barriers and management analysis tools too. Even 'simple' voice systems can include special features like lone worker protection, individual, ground or all-call and hands-free.

So, how can you make sure your staff communications are maximised to drive efficiencies up, costs down and great satisfaction 'through the roof'?

1. Decide what you want to achieve first, then design the system that fits that

2. Train all your users so they know how to use the system and see a personal benefit in their work

3. Simplify communication processes to maximise efficiency

4. Use individual and group calls to target messages to those who need them

5. Choose the right device for each user; consider individual workers and their environment

6. Go beyond simple voice capabilities and use additional features that could enhance guest experience

7. Save time and increase efficiency using clear user controls and shortcuts

8. Consider using accessories to enhance the user experience and protect the device

9. Future proof your investment; think long-term and scalability

Effective workforce communications are proven to deliver higher efficiency, lower costs, improved safety and increased customer satisfaction...can you afford to miss out.

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