Heathrow Air Ambulance

Date Added 02.10.20

Heathrow Air Ambulance is a long-established company providing International air ambulances, medical escorts and independent ground ambulances, assisting in all areas of medical transport, as well as all aspects of aero-medical transport and medical cover for films and events.

The Challenge
The full duties ground ambulance service based at Heathrow covering UK London home counties and airside at Heathrow Airport, contacted us when their previous communications supplier went insolvent leaving them with no communication system and no support. Evidently their previous system was old and having difficulties with wide area coverage and support, leaving them compromised, and at the time the HAA business had no useable radio service at all.

Due to the type of organisation, there was an urgent need for an operational communication system to connect their control, and frontline clinical medical staff.

The Solution
Following a discussion about the bespoke needs of the Heathrow Air Ambulance ground ambulance service, the decision was made to implement a POC system. This would diminish the costs resulting from infrastructure investment as none is required with this system, additionally, the radios are license free.

The client got the opportunity to compare two market leading manufacturers and chose the Entel DN495 Push-to-talk over cellular radios for their outstanding coverage, audio quality and volume levels essential to their environment where they deal with constant aircraft noise.

This radio has other benefits that made it the easy choice in ticking the boxes against their requirements; they are supplied ‘ready-to-go', are programmed over the air, instantaneously, and have AES-256 encryption.

They also have fantastic emergency features such as an emergency button, man down and lone worker and are rated IP68, so are very rugged for harsh environments. We supplied a number of radios and configured their system on a two Group configuration allowing for conversation with all radio users, and private one-to-one chat.

The Results

Due to the nature of the business and the urgency of the requirement, the radios were supplied configured within days and immediately fully operational as per the client requirement,
providing the business with the solution that they required.

Colin Walker-White, Operations Manager, said ‘I have had a great experience with Resound. From the signing of the contract to providing operational kit within a few days, the system works well and I have had only good feedback from our staff, who are all very particular about their equipment.’

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