Entel launch new Intrinsically Safe Portables

Date Added 03.03.20

This fully-featured, rugged series is ready to operate in the most extreme and hostile environments. Providing the vital communications link between personnel, Entel’s newly-launched ultra-durable DTEx Series is the latest in their Intrinsically Safe range. 

In addition to its superior IP68 (2m, 4hr) submersible rating, the commercial grade construction of these robust portables meets the highest gas group rating - ATEX IIC - and are also available in ATEX and IECEx IIA certified variants. 

Outstanding range and performance coupled with Lone-Worker, Man-Down (optional) and Emergency Buttons ensure the DTEx Series is equipped to support workers in any challenging operation. 

To maintain worker protection, the ultra-tactile, ergonomic controls have been specifically designed for gloved-hand use, whilst the strengthened alumina silicate glass provides excellent contrast to the white-on-black OLED – customisable to large font 2-line or detailed 5-line display – for outstanding readability in varying light conditions.

In demanding conditions, the need for clear communications is indubitably heightened. From covert earpieces through to bone conductive and Breathing Apparatus (BA) communications kits, the DTEx’s extensive range of certified and approved accessories are supported by Entel’s unique intelligent speech tailoring technology, optimising accessory audio performance. Users are assured of discernible and natural sounding audio delivered with unwavering clarity. 

Supporting both analogue and DMR digital technologies not only ensures backwards compatibility with existing analogue radio systems, it is also the route to migrating to fully-digital systems at your own pace. Plus, Entel have removed the need for handsets to be returned for reprogamming and feature updates with their straightforward end user programming PC app. 

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