Bentley Motors

Date Added 01.05.16

Bentley Motors employs around 4,000 staff worldwide and can boast a very high level of staff loyalty, with an average length of service of 11 years.

Sales are growing steadily year on year with more than 8,000 cars being sold in 2005. Unlike cars in the mass production market, it takes 150 hours to hand-build a Continental GT and 400 hours to build an Arnage. The Pym’s Lane site in Crewe is large and full of valuable equipment, stock and intellectual property, so security is an area that the company takes very seriously.

“We use radio to keep in constant contact with the security team,” said Ron Pulford, Security Manager, Bentley Motors. “But that nature of the site has made getting reliable radio coverage quite difficult in the past.”

The Challenge

When Ron joined the company, Bentley Motors were using only hand portable radio sets and coverage and reliability were big issues. So he set about finding a replacement system that would make a significant improvement but without exceeding his budget.

“We were aware that Resound were already supplying a Volkswagen sister company,” continued Ron. “So we approached them for a quotation. I was pleasantly surprised at just how professional Resound were right from the word go.”

Resound visited the Crewe site and undertook a thorough survey to identify the most appropriate solution.

“What struck me was the refreshing level of honesty that Resound showed,” added Ron. “They were very clear that there were areas of the site where we just wouldn’t be able to guarantee good coverage without spending more than our budget allowed. That really helped me make an informed decision of what solution to go for.”

The Solution

Resound recommended a Kenwood Talk-Through base station combined with a specific aerial to deliver optimum coverage. In addition, 12 Kenwood handsets were recommended along with spare batteries and a mix of chargers.

Two of the handsets were equipped with the man-down capability to detect and alert if the handset moves into a non-vertical position for too long.

“Having the repeating base station and aerial has made a tremendous difference,” said Ron. “Coverage and reception quality are significantly improved. Also the Kenwood handsets are proving much more reliable – though not entirely immune to our resident aerial chewing member of staff!”

In addition to radio-radio conversations, Bentley Motors wanted the security team to be able to receive and make telephone calls on the move.

Resound supplied their CallPointer system to interconnect the radios to Bentley’s telephone network.

The Results

“Since Resound installed the radio system in 2004 we have found them to be a very reliable supplier,” continued Ron. “From time to time, we ask them to supply the odd handset or accessory and have also had some items repaired by them. Each time we’ve been treated with great respect and found that, unlike other suppliers I’ve known, their pricing has remained excellent throughout.”

Looking to the future, Ron is content that the current system still has a few years of dependable usage left in it.

“When we come to replace the current system we will definitely ask Resound to get involved,” concluded Ron. “They have demonstrated top notch customer service to us so far and that includes a level of honesty that is often sadly lacking these days. I’m very happy with the relationship that we have with Resound and heartily recommend them to any company looking for a quality radio system supplier.”