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Hytera VM550 Body Worn Camera Hytera VM550 Body Worn Camera Hytera VM550 Body Worn Camera
Hytera VM550 Body Worn Camera Hytera VM550 Body Worn Camera Hytera VM550 Body Worn Camera Hytera VM550 Body Worn Camera

Product Description

A rugged, lightweight camera with impressive video and image capture capabilities. It utilises its size extremely well, with a small OLED screen on top of the unit, responsive PTT on the side and two programmable buttons on the front panel.

Body-worn cameras are becoming commonplace in many sectors due to the importance of evidence recording and collection. Hytera’s remote video microphones (RVMs) seamlessly integrate a body-worn camera and remote speaker microphone, providing a simple way of upgrading your communication system to include video capture. The VM550 is a compact, robust and cost-effective RVM option, which is available in 4 versions with internal memory ranging from 16GB to 128GB.

Evidence management is a vital consideration when using body-worn cameras. Hytera systems boast the ability to store, collect and manage evidence either retrospectively or in real-time.

Video Software - RVM Manager (Basic)

The RVM Manager has been designed to configure the body camera, manually download media files and perform firmware upgrades.

  • Basic video management software for 10 users or less
  • Use to setup and program your body cameras
  • Simple password-protected software with two-level authentication
  • Manually upload media captured (via disk drive) and clear existing media from RVM

Video Software - IDS (Advanced)

Designed to save human resources by extracting the media files from the bodycam and store in the PC automatically. Provides Admin/User interface for multi purposes and Digital Evidence Viewer for edit/tag/delete.

  • Suitable for 10-100 users
  • Utilise the SmartMDM IDS software with the MCA22 multi-charger for batch uploading
  • Programme multiple devices via the multi-charger using the RVM Manager software
  • Tag, search and view evidence using the software's digital evidence viewer - password protected to comply with data protection
  • Save captured data within the application or connect to a server for data sharing

Standard Package

  • Camera (16GB)
  • Removable 2500mAh Lithium-Ion battery
  • Power adaptor
  • Micro USB cable
  • RVM Video Manager - suitable for 10 users or less