The centre welcomes 30 million visitors each year and is currently home to over 230 shops, restaurants and cafés. The CACI Retail Footprint Report 2005 ranked thecentre:mk as the ‘Number One Town Centre Shopping Centre’ in the UK.

“With thousands of shoppers on site every day, maintaining excellent communications between staff is paramount,” said Russell Macey, Control Room Manager, Central Milton Keynes Shopping Management Company Limited. “Clearly a radio system is the obvious choice, but we were finding that our analogue equipment just wasn’t giving us the capacity that we needed.”

The company looked at the available technology and decided that they should investigate moving to a digital system.

“We were concerned at the ability of people to use cheap scanning equipment and listen in to our conversations,” continued Russell. “The nature of our work means that sometimes we need to discuss sensitive information over the radio and wanted to be sure that it was kept private. We even had someone phone us up once about information that they’d heard on their scanner!”

The company approached their existing radio system supplier, Resound, to discuss the options.

“We had worked with Resound for more than five years and trusted their advice,” added Russell. “After a number of discussions they recommended using a digital system as this would meet our need for privacy as well as give us excellent call quality, small and lightweight handsets and make sure that there would be no coverage blackspots across the site.”

To help the Central Milton Keynes Shopping Management Company’s technical team decide if a DMR system would be right for the job, Resound arranged for an onsite trial using a small base station system and some handsets.

The trial was successful and an order placed on Resound for a complete system.

“Today we have a sizeable system with one base station and 120 Motorola handsets,” continued Russell. “Resound have been excellent in the way that they worked with us to configure and install the system as well as subsequently in making sure that they help us keep the system running at optimum performance.”

The radio system is configured for a number of different groups covering management, security, cleaning and maintenance.

“The call quality of the Tetra system is very good and with the groupings that we’ve set up there is little background ‘chatter’ to disturb us or the visitors to the shopping centre,” said Russell. “The whole system has worked out very well operationally and is delivering us the level of service that we wanted. It was a good job done by Resound – and they continue doing the good job through their support and maintenance services.”

In the modern business environment nothing stands still for long. “We were keen to work with Resound to design the system to be expandable in the future if necessary,” concluded Russell.

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