Protect Your Employees and Businesses With Body Worn Cameras

Date Added 22.07.19

Body worn cameras are to become compulsory for bailiffs under new government plans in an effort it says will protect people from “intimidation and aggression” by some bailiffs.

Under the plans, about 2,500 certified enforcement agents will be required to wear the cameras.

The introduction of body cameras is a big step in the right direction when it comes to not only protecting customers, but also protecting workers from false claims and also providing a more reliable view of scenarios and situations when understanding exactly what has happened is vital.

The most obvious benefit of body cameras is that – unlike relying on witness accounts, which can be inaccurate even unintentionally – they provide an accurate means of reviewing how incidents have been handled.

Accurate, real-time view of any situation

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a body camera video is worth more than a thousand eye-witness accounts.

Having this accurate view of how a situation unfolded and how staff handled any scenarios can not only protect workers from potential false claims, but also provide insight into how to promote best practice policies for dealing with customers and provide the basis for continual staff training.

Using a body worn camera, organisations can ensure their employees capture evidence ready video and audio footage which can be used for criminal prosecution.

But they can also provide live streaming which could be vital during emergency situations when having a real-time view of a situation is vital for decision making by those not on site.

Using body cameras to deter aggression and de-escalate situations

While the use of body worn cameras for bailiffs has been introduced primarily as a way of protecting customers from over aggressive tactics, the devices also serve as a deterrent for customers or members of the public to act aggressively towards staff.

This could be particularly important in situations when staff are working alone and suddenly come under some form of threat. If an aggressor knows they are being filmed, they will be less likely to escalate a situation.

Even when a worker may not come under physical threat, having access to a video stream could be priceless if the worker suddenly finds themselves in a difficult situation and requires assistance.

Secure video storage and reliable management

Modern body worn cameras also come with video manager software which enables footage to be sent and stored directly and securely into the cloud to be accessed anytime, anywhere.

More importantly, especially when dealing with video to be used in court proceedings, body worn cameras and management software are encrypted to prevent footage from being tampered with.

This encryption capability is not just a “nice to have” official guidance from the Information Commissioners Office identifies it as an imperative for data controllers to protect footage from being lost, stolen or edited without authorisation.

According to the ICO, “using a BWV device which stores data in encrypted form, in conjunction with appropriate access control to prevent any replay directly on the device, would protect against unauthorised access to footage should the device by lost or stolen”.

It is vital therefore that any organisation using a body camera for employees ensures that footage is protected.


Ultimately, body worn cameras are set to become more prominent in workforces were employees are coming into contact with the public, in potentially difficult situations, or when employees are working alone and in isolated areas.

Ensuring employees are protected against claims and giving them the confidence that they will be safer at work is something every organisation should strive for – and body worn cameras are a proven way of doing this.


For more information about how your business can protect staff using security body cameras, click here


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