Eight ways to improve a two way radio solution

Date Added 10.12.18

Developing a robust and effective communications system is vital for any business.

If employees are able to easily communicate they can work more co-operatively and more efficiently. If they struggle to communicate, jobs take longer, time is wasted, and organisations ultimately lose money.

Digital two-way radios are an effective means of introducing a reliable network of communications across all levels of a business, but it still takes thought, planning and optimisation to deliver the benefits.

While each business may adapt a communications system to suit their own needs, there are a number of key things which companies and organisations can do to quickly improve their two-way radio solution.

Go beyond voice communications

Digital two-way radios provide a resilient and effective point-to-point or point-to-group communications capability and choosing devices with applications means they offer much more than simple voice communications.

For instance, the inclusion of "man down" or "lone worker" facility means the devices can also be used to monitor the location and safety of employees - particularly useful in hazardous or isolated environments.

Similarly, location tracking and job ticketing alerts means that workers can be assigned tasks based on how close they are to particular areas.

Individual and group calls

One of the main reasons mobile phones fail within a business environment is because they only allow a user to communicate with one other individual at a time. Sometimes, however, an employee may need their message to go out to all users or other groups quickly.

Two-way radios allow for both individual communications, but also enable users to choose any number of recipients to receive their message when needed.

Adapt to the job

The capability of two-way radios to be fitted with software applications means they can be tailored not only to each individual business, but also to each individual job role. One worker for example working outside in a remote location may need their device to be fitted with a man-down function, where someone working in a retail environment may not.

With a digital two-way radio you can ensure that each worker has the functionality they need, without the additional costs of other systems.

Migrate to digital

It goes without saying, that if a business is looking to adopt a radio based communications solution throughout their company, then they need to look at digital radios over older, analogue devices.

Digital devices are not only more reliable but can also be fitted with the bespoke software applications, which are not compatible with older analogue devices

Use IMPRES radio accessories alongside your radios

If you commit to using a radio network then the devices can become your communication lifeline, so you need to ensure they are operating correctly at all times when your employees need them.

Motorola IMPRES accessories offer automated power management which provides accurate battery information across the network while delivering enhanced performance.

Use licenced radios

An Ofcom licensed radio provides your business with a licensed frequency on which you can operate your radios securely. The licenses can be obtained from Ofcom in the UK and ensure that your radio communications across the system remain private and prevent eavesdropping.

This is particularly useful when sensitive company or personal information is being shared across a system.

Upgrade to Lithium batteries

Your radios are a key element of your business' communications system. Having radios which fail to deal with heavy usage throughout the day or require charging several times means your system is not efficient and - ultimately - neither is your workforce.

Using IMPRES Lithium-Ion batteries helps to ensure longer periods of use.

Manage radio users into groups

In large organisations it is not efficient to have an open communication system.  A business will eventually end up in a situation where radio users are predominantly hearing messages which aren't relevant to them.

It is essential, therefore, that communications are managed into specific user groups so that only those who need to hear specific messages will receive them.

Software such as Capacity Plus expands the capacity of a communication system providing a single site trunking system.


By introducing digital two-way radios and using these optimisation steps to improve their system, businesses can start to have the kind of effective, robust and efficient communication system their business needs.

For more information about how two way radio system can improve your business' communication network, why not get in touch?



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