3 ways better communication creates better education

Date Added 02.09.21

Education should be a place of safety and disruption-free learning.

With a responsibility and a duty of care to staff and students alike, schools, colleges, and universities need to have clear, always-available lines of communication to coordinate, inform, and react.

Having a smart, interconnected — and reliable — system at the heart of the organisation can go a long way to ensuring better safeguarding and making day-to-day operations simpler and more efficient.

1. Stay alert

Grounds management at many campuses presents a challenge due to the size and complexity of the layout.

With hundreds or even thousands of students and employees often on site at once, being constantly aware of who is on the premises, monitoring building access, and spotting unusual activity is no small task.

Equipping staff with smart digital two-way radios is a great foundation for your internal communication network and helps to keep those that need it in the loop with key information.

The excellent range and clear voice transmission of these digital systems have made them an increasingly common choice at premises where dead spots and weak signals from legacy analogue systems or mobile phones have been disrupting important messaging.

With phones in particular, the limits often come about due to calls only being a one-to-one conversation, but the option for group calls would be useful. Being able to talk with different numbers of users is one of the core strengths of the digital radio systems.

However their use goes beyond simple voice communication as they can simultaneously transmit both voice and data to and from each handset. Integration with text messaging, location tracking, system alerts and more can make them a vital tool in sitewide coordination.

For security staff working alone at night or in remote locations, Lone Worker Protection can inform the control centre if the radio hasn’t been used within a pre-determined window. The user is warned after a certain time and if there is no response, the central control point will be sent an alarm.

For an extra layer of visual information, our CCTV Systems can help you quickly get eyes on a situation or monitor areas where staff are less likely to be working.

2. Stay organised

Our Control Room Solutions offer a comprehensive set of features to aid you in organising the day-to-day running of site teams, such as cleaning and maintenance. Job ticketing can be done through the radio network to efficiently deliver tasks to those most suitable.

A number of optional modules are also available to further enhance the system’s capabilities and ensure each member of staff has the specific functionality they need to match their individual role requirements.

Joined-up organisation is also key to running successful events such as Open Days or Sports Days. Staff can be directed to where they need to be at any one time, and with a large number of visitors or spectators on the premises, many of whom will be unfamiliar with the layout and facilities, keeping groups and families together becomes a simpler undertaking.

3. Stay responsive

Many establishments come to us looking to improve management-to-classroom communication. Sometimes that’s just about an easier facilitation of keeping staff informed and updated. But being able to immediately convey emergency information sitewide, could be crucial.

As part of safeguarding, it’s imperative that any emergencies are dealt with in a timely manner. In schools, colleges, etc. this could be anything from general playground management where fights break out and backup is required, to medical situations such as injuries in sports facilities or allergic reactions in the cafeteria.

A dedicated emergency button on radio handsets allows staff to immediately call for assistance, with the location tracking facility directing responders to the right place.

Radio systems can come into play during a fire drill to ensure everyone is present and accounted for, and with our Fire Alarm Integration feature staff can easily stay informed of the situation should a fire break out for real. And these can also be integrated with Building Management Systems, intruder alarms, and many other ‘event triggered’ automated systems.

Resound has vast experience working with a wide variety of educational establishments to keep their teams connected, informed, and safe. Because when your staff get peace of mind, they can work on shaping minds.

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